Tanny Wins best yoga influencer title

Tanny Bhatt adjudged best yoga influencer in India

These days everyone is looking for ways to destress and adopt self-care into their busy lives. 
People often look to social media for inspiring lifestyle influencers to seek out ways to pursue a healthier life, whether that’s with fitness, food, or an overall change of pace. Yoga influencers are ideal fitness influencers because the practice not only enhances their physiques but the core values of yoga inspire a self-aware, self-compassionate lifestyle.
On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Vipin Priyanka Production and Theatre & Film Welfare Association conducted Best Yoga Influencer competition, in which Tanny Bhatt from Bengaluru emerged victorious.
"Because yoga influencers guide their lives by spiritual values, they can be trusted for high authenticity. 
They encourage honesty by the promotion of listening to the self both during a workout and in stressful situations," pointed out Tanny.
Managing Director of Vipin Priyanka Production and President of Theatre & Film Welfare Association Dr Vipin Agnihotri believes that Yoga influencer such as Tanny build a connection with their followers by reflecting on their own personal journeys and inspiring others to pursue their own paths, thus fostering high engagement.
Dabir Siddiqui, Secretary of Theatre & Film Welfare Association said that from throughout India more than 100 yoga influencers participated in this competition, with Tanny getting the better of everyone.

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