Arpita Yadav: Brand Ambassador for exercise india fit india campaign

Being healthy means not only away from diseases but it also means the complete feeling of physical, mental and social well being.
With this in mind, SCARD (Social Collective Action For Research And Development) has come up with campaign "Exercise India Fit India", in order to motivate people towards fitness. And to conduct this campaign in a smooth manner, brand ambassadors are being inducted. Arpita Yadav is one of them.

"Maintaining health and fitness is not a simple task. We need to involve ourselves into some daily physical activities together with the healthy, fresh and timely food which can only provide us long-term health and fitness benefits," pointed out Arpita. 

Arpita is going to give tips in the form of a video, that everyone can understand without any hindrance. According to Dr Vipin Agnihotri, President of SCARD, physical activities along with the proper nutrition are really very beneficial to the people of all ages from any background and abilities.

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