International music video "Unknown" ready for release

International music video "Unknown" ready for release

When you want to act like a free spirit, it is quite important that you have no inhibitions. With this theme, award winning writer and film director Dr Vipin Agnihotri has come up with the international music video album "Unknown".

Talking to media persons, Dr Vipin Agnihotri said that the video is almost ready to release and it is going to be respite for all of us in these desperate times where everything is in disarray. 

With Nigerian superstar singer Wizwitty singing in his usual expressive style and supermodel/actress Bugeshree Day after tasting success in her debut short film "Antardwand", looks like this music album is going to create a positive impression on the mind of the audience.

Creative Director of this music album is Sid Pathan while camera work is done by Triganshu Agarwal. Editing of the album is taken care of by Mantrot Mishra.

The shoot is conducted at JW Marriott, Bengaluru

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