Sweety Yadav nominated for Live with Hope

Sweety Yadav nominatedIt’s high time our society needs to give on stereotypes that women can’t equal men.  Women are equally capable of crossing horizons when it comes to creativity and showcasing their potential. Vipin Priyanka Production “Live With Hope” Corona Warrior Award is based exactly on that theme. 
Sweety Yadav nominated for Live with Hope
Sweety Yadav nominated

Sweety Yadav nominated for Live with Hope

Nominated in the Influencer category is Sweety Yadav. According to Sweety, you’ll be amazed to see the capabilities and strength of  women influencers who make it look so effortless but we need to realize it all comes down to years of focus and hard work. 
Managing Director of Vipin Priyanka Production, Dr Vipin Agnihotri believes that nothing comes easy but these women have definitely set a standard to bring out their best and inspire every person every day with their agendas. 

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  1. Sweety... You're already a winner to me. Because I look up to you as a mentor. I want to walk on your path. I'm beyond impressed with the way you manage things and maintain a balance. You're the hottest mom Sweety. You have another level of sarcasm. 🎩 off. You'll definitely get this😘


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