Karan Kumar launches statewide campaign

When it comes to dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is making an all out effort to contribute. And that is where, Karan Kumar, UP State President (Business Wing) of Republican Party of India has come up with a statewide initiative of helping out industrialists and business owners that are not at ease because of prevailing market condition.

"We are going to conduct interactive sessions with business owners in all the 75 districts of UP, taking a closer look at the ground position and most importantly offering solutions to their issues," pointed out Karan Kumar.

It is worthwhile mentioning in this regard that after becoming the State President of the Business Wing, Karan Kumar is working overtime to ensure that party gets the feel of issues that are bothering industrialists and business owners.

Karan Kumar also believes that Republican Party of India is the only option for industrialists and business owners with regard to giving them the safe and secure environment where they can give their business a much needed impetus.

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